We are importing a variety of raw materials & intermediates for pharmaceuticals, API, industrial chemicals, organic synthetic products, electronic materials, natural products, etc. from most reliable manufacturers in China and supplying them internally and overseas.
We have established good relationship with over 400 chemical manufacturers, institutes and R&D sites in China and can find out a best fit among them for development of new chemical substance, trial production of small quantity chemicals and large-scale contract manufacturing.

ATTO’s Trading

  • There are many manufacturers of accurate chemical products in China. We find out the vendor
    which can provide high quality of production technique with cheep utility and labor costs.

  • Being armed with knowledge and familiarity to culture of China and Japan, we provide high-quality
    products at a more competitive price with our close communication to manufacturer.

  • Our staff who have had a sales and research experience in chemical and pharmaceutical trade in
    China and Japan, will help you to choose the manufacturer along with your need as more high-
    quality, low-price, and more quick response.

  • We have been doing off-shore trading under our network bases. We have internal frameworks for
    handling the law and rules globally.

Sales Trend

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