ATTO are engaging in trading business of importing a variety of raw materials, intermediates such as in-stock and custom synthesized reagents, bulk products of electronic materials, agrochemical materials, cosmetic materials, materials for coating, ink and adhesives, natural substances, functional materials, polymer materials, intermediates for pharmaceuticals, drug substances (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) library substances, etc., from most reliable worldwide suppliers including China and supplying them to domestic and international customers.
ATTO have established close relationship with nearly 350 global suppliers and undertake not only chemical synthesis of new substance and trial production of small quantity chemicals, but a large-scale contract manufacturing.

  • Communication in Japanese, Chinese & English and thorough knowledge of their cultures back up our business.

  • Cross network between Japan and China makes our communication more smoothly.

  • Specialists are well-experienced in techniques and specialty.

  • Quick response supported by a local staff in China.

  • Specialists in regulation on chemicals offer a customer a sense of safety.

We are building a system that can respond quickly to diverse needs.

Some of the techniques our entrusted manufacturers developed(Not limited by the below examples)

Chiral Technology ・Enzyme Resolution
・Chiral Synthesis
・Asymmetric Synthesis
Coupling Technology Coupling reactions using Grignard reagents, Boric acid derivatives and Triflate derivatives
Thiophosgen Technology Manufacture of Thiophosgen and its derivatives
Utilization of Ozone Oxidizing reaction using ozone
Utilization of
Grignard reaction
Manufacture of Boric acid derivatives and Aldehydes、coupling reaction
Azide reaction Manufacture of Tetrazole derivatives

Some of compounds we have imported

We introduce some of our product.
Please feel free to contact us about more information.

Aromatic fluorine
Substituents(halogen、carboxyl、hydroxyl、nitro、amino、cyano and methyl group、etc)
Benzonitrile derivatives Substituents(halogen、hydroxyl、nitro、amino and methyl group、etc)
Benzoic acid and
its acid halide derivatives
Substituents(halogen、hydroxyl、nitro、and methyl group、etc)
Benzaldehyde derivatives Substituents(halogen、hydroxyl、nitro、amino and methyl group、etc)
Substituents(halogen、hydroxyl、nitro、amino and methyl group、etc)
Biphenyl derivatives Substituents(halogen、carboxyl、acetic acid、 hydroxyl、nitro、amino、cyano and methyl group、etc)
Pyridine derivatives Substituents(halogen、hydroxyl、nitro、amino、carboxyl and methyl group、etc)
whitening agent
OB Uvitex OB C.I.184
CBS-X Tinopal CBS-X C.I.351
OB-1 Eastobrite OB-1 C.I.393
BA C.I.113