Privacy policy

ATTO Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) acknowledging that the protection of personal information in this advanced information and communications society is one of the most important corporate social responsibilities, will make efforts to protect personal information based on the following policy.

1.The Company, when collecting personal information, will clarify the purpose of use and will obtain personal information to the extent necessary and in a legal and fair manner. The Company will neither use personal information beyond the purposes of use so clarified nor share or provide personal information basically to any third party without prior consent of an individual who provided such personal information.

2.The Company may provide personal information to its contractors outside the Company. In this case, the Company will bear the responsibility of supervision to those contractors in order to have protective measures against leakage of personal information taken. In the same way, the Company will manage personal information provided from clients strictly.

3.The Company will respect personal information right. If an individual requests to disclose or correct his or her personal information or stop the use of such personal information, the Company will meet such request to the extent reasonable in accordance with the purpose of the laws for personal information protection.

4.The Company will take necessary and appropriate security measures to safely maintain and prevent leakage, destruction or damage of personal information as well as will manage personal information properly and carefully.

5.The Company will try to follow the laws of personal information protection through self-development or seminar across the Company. The Company will strive for development and improvement of the internal system on personal information protection from time to time as required.

6.For inquiries, opinions and consultations regarding personal information, from an individual who provide such personal information, please contact the following person. Please apply for any request made via telephone and mail.


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