President Message

Thanks to your generous assistances, ATTO is now in its 17th anniversary year.

Since its establishment, ATTO has been transforming continuously day by day, and in December 2020, we moved to Nihonbashi Muromachi. Like Doshomachi in Osaka, where this “Oedo Nihonbashi” area is a famous region locating many pharmaceutical and chemical companies, both large and small. We have been committed to Nihonbashi, which has long been a strategic location for transportation, and we continue to manage our company while being familiar with the spirit and crispness of the vigorous popular culture of Edo, and at the same time, being touched by the warmth of the downtown area. Perhaps it is because I feel that “speed” and “attentiveness and consideration,” which are the company’s motto and strengths, are connected to the speed of work with good arrangements, like that of Edo Hikeshi who is a firefighters in Edo, and the meticulous consideration of downtown residents, who would give soy sauce to the next person even if they themselves were in trouble.

In this global era, the most important thing between people, companies, and countries is cultural communication through language. China has long been called the world’s production factory, and the number of Japanese companies planning to expand into China is increasing, but it is not uncommon for cultural misunderstandings to cause problems. We are confident that ATTO’s knowledge of Chinese and Japanese culture will be of great help to you, and we are proud of the high reputation we have earned from our customers. ATTO’s unique network of contacts cultivated over many years and our familiarity with Japanese and Chinese culture are essential to the smooth execution of direct negotiations, as well as prompt supplier research and multi-company comparisons in accordance with your needs. In addition, our Chongqing and Shanghai offices in China are placed with local staff who are well specialized in organic synthesis and regulations in chemical substances, and we strive to provide our clients with timely and useful information as if we were your own local office. We will continue to seek optimal relationships between customers and suppliers in order to be of service to our customers. We hope to grow together with you in the spirit of challenge that is typical of ATTO, while aiming to be a company that is received a good reputation and trusted by our customers, as well as to provide accurate and prompt delivery of new information constantly transmitted by Chinese chemical companies.

We hope that you will continue to support ATTO as it transforms itself day by day.

  • As a trading company, ATTO value“Ichigo Ichie” which is each and every encounter, pursue optimal relationships with our customers and suppliers, and the left messages represent the heart, soul and mind that ATTO believe are necessary to continue to be a company that is friendly to the earth, people, and the environment. To fulfill our corporate social responsibility (CSR), ATTO aim to contribute to society through legal compliance, safety, and quality improvement as a member of society, and ATTO are moving forward with the belief that “the growth of our employees is the growth of our company” and “the growth of our company is the growth of Japan”.