Guest appearance on Kawasaki FM’s “Seika Mori’s Life is the journey

Today, President Aoyama appeared as a guest on “Seika Mori’s Life is the journey” on Kawasaki FM.
Seika Mori’s Life is the journey” (Kawasaki FM, every Wednesday from 9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.) is a radio program on the theme of “human career”. The program is a 30-minute interview-style program that features guests who talk about “turning points in their lives,” mainly business leaders who have paved the way for their careers. The program aims to provide businesspersons with hints for thinking about their future careers and lives, and to inspire them to take action. President Aoyama, who has paved the way in the chemical industry by establishing a business that links Japan and China from scratch despite difficult obstacles, has been asked to appear as a guest on the program. What she is thinking and how she is trying to open up the future in this time of Corona disaster, and so on.