Granted the “Sustainable Management Division” award at the Tokyo Women’s Management Award in 2020

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) has established the “the Tokyo Women’s Management Award in 2020” to support and honor female business leaders who are working with high aspirations to scale up their companies and businesses and contribute to solving social issues in Tokyo. The first is the Growth Champion Division, which recognizes the management skills of female business owners who have continued to improve their business performance for three consecutive years. The other is the Sustainable Management Division, which recognizes the sustainable management skills of female business leaders who have led their companies for more than 10 years. Imako Aoyama, Representative Director of our company, was selected for the first Sustainable Management Division Award, and the award ceremony was held at the 3rd N E W CONFERENCE (November 16, 2020). The Governor of Tokyo, Mr. Koike, handed her a certificate of commendation and a commemorative gift, and she was honored with loud applause from the members of the Screening Committee.