The interview of Imako Aoyama published in the U.S. magazine “NEWSWEEK” (International edition).

We are pleased to announce that the interview was published today in the international edition of Newsweek, a major U.S. weekly magazine based on an interview with President Imako Aoyama by the British news agency “The Worldfolio”,

  • Content of the interview
    The interview was based on the theme “The Hidden Champions: Invisible Yet Essential to Global Industry. The theme was “The Hidden Champions: Invisible Yet Essential to Global Industry. The theme was expanded to include President Aoyama’s philosophy that led to the founding of the company, the difficulties the company faced in overcoming the Lehman Shock and other problems, the business model that connects domestic customers and Chinese suppliers with the keyword of quality, and the utilization of women in the company. The session also expanded on the theme of women’s utilization in business.
  • About the page of the article
    The title of the article is “The chemical trader overcoming cultural obstacles,” and it describes how we, as a supply chain advisor in the chemical industry, have been providing our clients with services such as importing chemical raw materials and intermediates to Japan and developing manufacturers and suppliers in the Chinese market. The article introduces our experience in working between Japanese and Chinese companies to resolve various issues such as quality control, regulations, and differences in cultural norms.
  • About NEWSWEEK magazine (from NEWSWEEK magazine introduction article)
    Founded in 1933, Newsweek is a major U.S. weekly magazine with a worldwide circulation of nearly 4 million copies that provides in-depth coverage of world culture, politics, economics, social conditions, and other topics from a global perspective.
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