The interview of Imako Aoyama published in the U.S. magazine “TIME” (Asian edition).

We are pleased to announce that the interview of Imako Aoyama was published in the U.S. news magazine “TIME”, which was issued today.

  • Content of the interview
    In the interview, Imako Aoyama talked about our strengths in the supply chain. In addition to describing the quality of our products in Japan and the cost advantages in China, She explained that our strength lies in our ability to flexibly respond to local suppliers through our local subsidiary in China. For example, ATTO can stably supply the necessary quantities of reagents in small quantities for R&D of new drugs, or when a manufacturer conducts commercial production, ATTO can supply the necessary quantities from our integrated production system. ATTO’s strengths of “speed” and “meticulousness is suffcietly conveyed.
  • About the page
    Under the title of “Three simple words, one massive statement.” interviews were conducted with various industry leaders, focusing on the significance of “Made in Japan” in Japan, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. While each leader talked about how the term “Made in Japan” is based on high quality, innovation, and excellent human resources, President Aoyama spoke about bridging the gap between Japanese quality and Chinese productivity.
  • About TIME Magazine (from TIME Magazine Introduction article)
    Founded in 1923, TIME magazine has a circulation of 3.68 million. It is the world’s largest English-language weekly news magazine, read by 20 million people in 200 countries around the world. It is the world’s opinion leader, covering politics, economics, the environment, culture, entertainment, the latest medical conditions, and many other fields from a sharp global perspective. TIME provides unique views and perspectives on news that is difficult to obtain in Japan. In addition, the Asian edition is edited for Japanese readers with news that is more familiar to them, so Japanese readers can learn about familiar topics from the outside.
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    The interview was conducted by Global Enterprises, Inc.